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I shoot sessions in Wilmington, Delaware and the surrounding areas.


Newborn sessions: Consider booking a newborn session while you are still pregnant to ensure an available spot for your precious new baby. Melissa will pencil in your due date and the session date will be determine after your little one arrives.

Maternity sessions are typically planned for when mom is 33-37 weeks pregnant.  Later sessions for first time moms, earlier sessions for second time moms.

Portrait sessions can be booked any time, based on availability.  Outdoor sessions typically take place 2 hours before sunset in one of the beautiful Delaware parks. Fall is the busiest season, so plan accordingly.

Session fee must be paid in order for your session date to be held.

Images will be available in your password protected gallery within 2 weeks.

The gallery image viewing and purchasing period is 7 days. During this time digital images, prints, and products can be ordered.


Expect your portraits and products to arrive within 2-3 weeks from your payment date.

Newborn Sessions: Very simple white onesie, naked, swaddled. For the family shots? My suggestion is simple. Simple and solid colors are best, but most importantly whatever Mom is comfortable wearing.

Toddler/Children/Family Sessions
Avoid graphics, logos, and loud prints
Dress for your body- not trends
Try to stay away from matching outfits
Sparkles are fancy, but do not photograph nicely
Accessorize to accent your outfit
Wear some fresh nail polish
Try on all clothing before the session – nothing worse than realizing it doesn’t fit 1 hour before your session!

Portrait Sessions (Outdoor and Indoor) – Outdoor/Family/Toddler/Maternity

When will the session take place? Photography revolves around light – and simply put – the light is awesome when the sun is rising and setting. For this reason, outdoor shoots are in the early morning or evening about 1-2 hours before sunset. Indoor sessions are typically in the morning.
What do you bring? I have a collection of chairs and a few props- mostly items that are meant to be sat on while I am shooting. If there is something specific that I have, that you want me to bring – please make a request!
How should I prepare and what should I bring? Plan out your clothing choices – and keep an eye on the weather (for an outdoor shoot). If you plan to change clothing, clothing changes should be brought. Bring any favorite toys or stuffed animals that you can use behind Melissa while she shoots, or that you wouldn’t mind having in a picture. Bubbles, balloons, and cupcake/cake are also fun and lead to natural reactions.
What happens if the weather is bad the day of the session?  We will keep in touch the day of the session and make a decision that day. If we need to reschedule, we do it for as soon as possible.
How long will the session last? Outdoor/family/toddler/maternity sessions last about 1 hour- 1.5 hours.
What happens if someone in my family gets sick or I need to reschedule? Contact Melissa ASAP ( & 302.299.2597) to reschedule the session. In fairness to other clients, please note that you can reschedule only 1 time before your session fee is forfeited.

How long will the session be? Newborn sessions last 2-4 hours. Sessions include lots of baby feeding and cuddling which results in a good bit of downtime- which means I could be waiting around for awhile- that is normal.
What do you bring? I have a collections of headbands and hats. If you have any of your own we can definitely use them too! I use a space heater when doing many shots to keep the room warm, which keeps the baby happier. I bring props – please request anything you definitely want.
How should I prepare? Relax! Have the baby in only a diaper and swaddled in a blanket. Feed the baby when the baby needs to eat – preferably once I arrive – but really, just listen to the baby!
What should I expect to happen during the session? Newborn sessions usually begin with sibling/family shots (if you are including them), then the baby alone, then finally shots with Mom/Dad(again, if you decide to do them). This order is completely flexible based on your needs the day of the session.
May I have visitors during the session? Many people want to visit during this exciting time, but visitors can make a newborn session more difficult – unless they are there to help Mom, baby, or older children. If you have older children, it is great to include them, but important to keep them out of the room while shooting the baby alone. If you have a pet, please secure them in a separate area away from the shooting area.




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