Stairway Wall Display {children and family photographer new castle county delaware}

Who knew there was an appropriate song by “The Frames” entitled “Fighting on the Stairs”

I’m living out in the old house
And fighting on the stairs
And staring at
the windows
Breeze blowing through the years

I have not yet done my little boy’s first photo session (considering he is in my belly…) but I am already planning where I want his portraits to go and which of Abby’s I will be replacing.  Recently, my stairway has been bothering me.  A few of these frames have fallen (due to the huge amount of photography supplies- backgrounds, props, containers, etc.- that I carry upstairs to the guest room in between all of my sessions) and been chipped. There are some old pictures that I want to replace, also some dead space that I want to fill.  I have been thinking about this and mentally planning, but haven’t yet put anything into a design idea.

These frames have all been here since we moved into our house and originally painted the walls, just about 3 years…

From the bottom

From the top

And a tiny picture falling mishap…

Here are two of the designs I am currently considering: This first design, which is current favorite option, is based around 1- 16×20 (I have a print in mind from my wedding portraits of my wedding party).  One of the 10×20’s will probably be a storyboard  of the baby and all of his little parts (I am offering these on wood with a beveled edge next year, and I’m very excited to showcase an example of one once I have the baby’s ready to go).  The other 10×20 will most likely be one of the frames I already have displayed – the collages with 3 5×7’s.  I would like to reuse as much as possible so this can be a less expensive ‘re-do’


For the second design, I am not sure I want so many 10×20’s.  This is a typical storyboard size that I make often for people, and I could always supplement them with 3-5×7’s in the 10×20 frame behind a mat (which is an easy to find frame in craft stores  like Michael’s with the mats already included), but I am partial to a more simple look- and prefer singular prints for my walls, and maybe just a small mix of smaller collage types.  This is a 100% personal preference.  Do you like less and larger, or a larger variety in smaller sizes?  I find that clients lean 1 way or another – there usually isn’t a middle ground.   However, I do love the 2- 20×20’s in this design.

Now that I have some basic design ideas (and these, I’m sure will not be followed exactly) I wanted to think about some different additions- not everything that goes onto the wall needs to be a picture.  Anything can be used… so I searched for some inspiration – and found lots of differing frames, some fun little accents, etc…

From Better Homes and Gardens

Scrap’N offers some great advice here:


Here is some inspiration from Apartment Therapy – note the mix of old and new photos, words, decor…

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